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Friday 141212

Maria, Kristen, Mark, and Cory during Tuesday's 500m row repeats. Feels good huh guys?

A. Snatch: 15min to build to a 1RM
B. OHS: 10min to build to a max, from rack
300 DU's for time
100 Wall Balls for time

Notes: 5 min cut-off on the DUs. If you have trouble with DU's, then do ME DU's in 5min. If you don't have DU's yet, then do ME single unders in 5min. Record loads for A and B on the board.


A. 1 clean (squat) + 2 FS, keep weight moderate focus on speed, rest 60sec, x10
5 min for max reps:
10 PC and jerk, 135/95#
10 PC and jerk, 155/105#
10 PC and jerk, 185/115#
10 PC and jerk, 205/135#
AMRAP PC and jerk, 225/145#
90% effort for total time:
Row 1k
rest 1min
5 rounds for time:
3 MU
10 wall balls, 20/14 to 10′ target
6 alternating DB snatch, 70/45lb
rest 1min
Row 1k

- record reps for PC&J ladder and total and split times for last piece
- J-Earley, 33 reps on the ladder, 1st row in 3:31, 5 rnds in 8:28, 2nd row in 3:38, total time 17:37