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Monday 141215

On Saturday, Deb and Ana both participated in a full powerlifting meet here in Madison. Often times the sports of powerlifting and weightlifting get mixed up. In both sports the goal is to lift the most weight possible in various lifts for a single rep (1 rep max). In powerlifting the lifts are back squat, bench press, and deadlift. In weightlifting the lifts are snatch and clean & jerk. Failure to use the terms correctly can definitely irritate participants in either sport.

A. Press: (Wave load) 5-4-3-5-4-3, 1:45 clock, try to end around 90%
3x500M row, on a 5min clock, each round AFAP
12 min AMRAP:
50 DU/100 SU
30 KBS, 24/16kg
10 Pull ups/10 Ring Rows

Notes: On the press, begin your first set of 5@75%, then build. A good example of how to build is: 5@75%, 4@80%, 3@85%. Then 5@80%, 4@85%, 3@90%. Record reps completed on AMRAP to board.


A. 1 snatch every 30sec for 10min @65% of 1rm
B. back squat, build to tough triple in 10mins
C. 30 burpee MU for time (12 min cap)
10-12sets @90% effort:
4 pistols, alt'g legs per rep
6 CTB pull-ups
8 box jump sd, 24/20″
rest walk 1min

– warm up well; 65% of 1RM should feel great before you start this
– start clock then go for the squats, compare to 141205
– record weight on BS and time for burpee mu
- J-Earley: 405x2 (bad day), 11:59 on BMU (also not great day)