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Friday 150109

Taylor reppin' out some push presses. I love this guy's steadiness. You always know what you're gonna get when Taylor comes to workout: a solid effort, an upbeat attitude, and a guy that's gonna cheer on and support others. You're an asset to our community man. Keep doing you!

A. Snatch deadlift: 8min to Build to 110% of expected 1RM
B. High-hang snatch (DEMO): 8x1, 1 min clock, build to AHAP

Notes: Watch the demo video of the high-hang snatch. Important points are: the start position has the bar in the crease of the hips and no lower, you should have a slight bend in both the knees and the hips but the torso should stay vertical. Once you drop into the start position you should snatch from there with no additional countermovement.
15min AMRAP:
3 Power snatch, 95/65
6 OHS, 95/65
9 Bar jump-overs
12 DU's

Notes: Record rounds/reps on board.


A. EMOM x12: back squat w/bands @20X0, 2-3 reps 55% of 1rm
For time:
20 back squats, 225/155
40 TTB
60 KBS, 32/24kg

rest as needed

AD, 20mins cool-down

- if speed starts to decrease on later sets of BS, drop to 2 reps per set rather than 3; SPEED IS PRIORITY
- if you can get 225/155 to your back from the floor, do so; however if the C&J keeps you from doing the prescribed weight, use the rack
- do cool-down if time allows (it should allow)
- record times on board
- J-Earley: 9:47 from floor