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Wednesday 150121

I know bar-facing burpees aren't the most enjoyable thing in the world, but there is a good chance you'll have to do some (or many) of them during the Open. We're just trying to help you be prepared:)
Speaking of The Open, it’s less than 6 weeks away. You can read everything you’d ever want to know about The Open and the entire CrossFit Games from the CrossFit Games website. However if you’re not familiar, I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version…

The Open is the first phase of the entire CrossFit Games season (the Open, Regionals, the Games). In the Open, anyone from around the world can participate. The Open is five weeks long and CrossFit HQ releases one workout each week on Thursday evenings at 7PM during the Open for a total of 5 workouts. Everyone officially participating has until the following Monday evening at 7PM to submit their scores to the Games website.

While anyone can register to officially participate – it does cost $20 – a person does not need to register to do the workouts, obviously. Registering allows you to submit your score online and see how you rank in the world, in your Region, and within your age (the Master’s division starts at 40).

At Sanctify in years past, the Open has always been a time for the whole gym to come together every week for 5 weeks and really celebrate what CrossFit is all about: everyday folks doing things that they wouldn’t normally do on their own and doing that in the company of some of your closest friends. This year, since only the top 20 athletes and 15 teams in each region will move on to Regionals, I will go out on a limb and say that Sanctify won’t be sending anyone on to Regionals (though I’m not opposed to someone proving me wrong!).

That being the case, the Open for us can be less about cutthroat, win-at-all-costs competition, and more about pushing ourselves and striving to succeed, all the while having fun and building unity within our community. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your all or that we’re gonna allow “suspect” reps and range of motion; certainly you should push yourself and allow yourself to be pushed by others. We’ve seen numerous folks in previous years lift a weight they’d never done before or get their first pull-up (and than several more) in the middle of an Open workout. For those of us whose last name isn’t Froning or Leblanc-Bazinet, that is what I believe the Open is all about.

All that to say, our plan for the 2015 Open is to “officially” do the workout as a gym on Saturday mornings during the Open. I say “officially” meaning that that will be the time that we want to pack the gym and get as many of you here as possible to do the workout. Does that mean that you can’t do the workout during open gym on Friday afternoon or some other time? Well no. But because we see the Open as a community building event for Sanctify, the more folks we have on Saturday mornings, the more fun and better environment we can create. We’ll give you more details as we get closer as to what our classes will look like Monday through Friday in light of the Open workouts, but for now try to leave your Saturday mornings available from Feb. 28 through March 28.

Should you officially register to participate? In my opinion, yes. Why? Because it’s cool to declare yourself as not just a fully participating member of Sanctify, but also as part of the entire world-wide CrossFit community, which is pretty cool. And it is kinda neat to see yourself on the official leaderboard, not because it increases or decreases your value as an athlete or a person (trust me, it doesn’t), but because again, you’re openly saying that you’re part of something bigger than yourself, a movement that the fitness world has never seen before. Pretty cool stuff I think. If you choose not to register, that’s fine too; we’ll still cheer you on and support you all the same.

Ok, that’s probably enough for one day. Go sign up for the Open:)

A. Back Squat: 15min to establish a 1RM; watch your depth on these and make sure it counts
B. Press: 15min to establish a 1RM; NO knee movement whatsoever in order for it to count
C. Deadlift: 15min to establish a 1RM; keep your backs safe: chest up and pull with the hamstrings/glutes

Notes: Big-time PR opportunity today folks. If you look back over the last 12 weeks when we started this fairly large strength cycle, you'll see how the first half was spend building volume on these lifts and how the last half of the cycle was mainly about pushing heavy loads. That's a recipe for big strength gains, some of which you've experienced already. Go back into your training log and look to see your results from the last two times we did the CF Total on October 20 and then again on December 8. Track your progress. Get stronger. Celebrate.

Record loads and improvements over last time (Dec. 8) on the board.


4min @80% effort:
10 box jumps step-down, 24"/20″
10 KB swings, 1.5/1pd

rest 5mins

4mins @90% effort:

7 push press, 115/75

rest 10mins

4mins @100% effort:

10 thrusters, 75/45
7 burpees

– proper aerobic warm-up
– work on sustaining pace on 80/90% efforts
– don't dog the 80/90% pieces, but think of them as metabolic warm-ups for the 100% piece
– go out hard and try to maintain on 100% effort
– focus on letting air in
- record rounds/reps for all three on board
- J-Earley: 4 rnds even, 5 rnds + 1 rep, 4 rnds + 16 reps (I really wanted 5 rnds, argh!)