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Thursday 150129 - Rest Day/Open Gym

Instructions. Thanks to everyone that came out for our Bring-A-Friend Day on Saturday. Keep an eye on this blog and follow our Facebook page to find out when the next one will be.
Are You Great By Choice?
by Paul Saevre

In his book, “Great by Choice,” Jim Collins and his team studied companies that earned 10 times more than their competitors in similar circumstances did to find what made the successful companies stand out. One of the principles these “10x companies” followed was that they diligently repeated actions and behaviors that they knew would make them successful, regardless of the circumstances at the time. Collins and his team termed this practice the "20-mile march." Ironically, about 3 years into their research, Collins discovered a historical event that fit this "20-mile march" pattern almost perfectly.

In 1911, Ronald Amundson and Robert Scott each led separate teams on a race to the South Pole. There were many factors that led to Amundson arriving ahead of Scott but one of the main reasons was Amundson’s plan to stick to a regimen of consistent progress, traveling between 15 and 20 miles per day in spite of weather conditions or how they felt. Scott, on the other hand, would push his team hard on good days and then rest when conditions were poor.

By reading journal entries from the two men you can see this difference in philosophy even more clearly. Scott tended to complain about the difficulty they faced and that no one could advance through “such conditions.” Amundson on the other hand would state that it was an unpleasant day, recount some obstacles, but regardless his team always ended the day another 15 miles closer to their goal. In the end Amundson won the race and his men were taken care of and returned safely. Scott and his men were in a fight for their lives just to survive because of poor planning and a lack of discipline.

What does this have to do with fitness? As you know the strength training progressions we are taking you through are based off percentages of previous max efforts. Have you been writing these numbers and your workouts down? Have you written down some goals you would like to achieve this year both in the gym here at Sanctify as well as life goals? Have you created an action plan to get you to those goals?

A few weeks ago one Sanctifier was sharing with me how he had gone back in his logbook and saw just how great his progress had been over the previous year. To his credit he makes a list of goals each year, comes to workout 4 to 5 times per week, and makes progress little by little, always working toward his goals.  As coaches, we look around the gym, see the many people who have made great progress over their course of time at Sanctify, and we can easily see why: they are on a “20 mile march” every day. That doesn’t mean that every day they feel great and set PRs, but rather they come in, trust the programming, put in consistent work day after day doing what they know will work, and as a result they steadily advance toward their goals.

Here is the take away:
  1. Assess where you are right now and where you want to be in the future
  2. Make a plan that is specific, measurable, realistic, and yet challenging
  3. Give yourself a deadline that will force you to stay on course
  4. Be consistent – “20 mile march” every day and track your progress
  5. Adjust as needed and be ok with adjusting
  6. Repeat over and over again
These are the things that successful people are doing whether their goals are fitness-related or otherwise. If you’d like help with identifying where you’re at, laying out your goals, and developing a plan to get there, talk to us coaches. We’re here for you!