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Tuesday 150203

Emiliano partaking in some post-workout recovery strategies. Well done sir.

A. 1K Row @80% effort
B. Deadlift: 10min to build to a TECHNICAL max for the day
C. Deadlift: 8x2reps @80%(+) of B, 1:15 clock

Notes: Don't try for a PR on the row; shoot for something that's fast but not full speed for you. On the deadlift, note that a "technical" max is the most you can do with PERFECT technique.
That means that some of you will do less than you would for a true max, especially if you're someone who struggles to keep a neutral spine on heavy deads. Coaches will keep an eye on you and shut you down if need be.

EMOM x10:
Odd - 5 American KB Swings + 10 lunges w/KB, 24/16kg
Even - 8-10 T2B

Notes: If you can't do T2B, then do hanging knee raises as the preference over V-ups or leg raises. You need to start getting used to hanging from the bar.


A. strict press, build to a tough single in 10mins
B1. amrap UB MU; rest 30sec
B2. amrap strict UB HSPU; rest 30sec (kip if less than 5)
B3. amrap UB TTB; rest 3mins x3 sets
C. 30 TGU, alt hands per rep, pick weight you can move smoothly with
Row 1min 90% aerobic
rest 1min x5 sets
all rows same pace

- record results on board
- J-Earley:
press - 200
UB MU - 9, 5, 4
UB strict HSPU - 8, 7, 6
UB TTB - 14, 10, 11