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Thursday 150205 - Rest Day/Open Gym

Nothing makes a strength coach happier than to hear that one of your athletes is continuing to hit lifting, actually squatting, PRs despite cross-country skiing about a gazillion kilometers per week. It's even cooler when that athlete isn't new to CrossFit/strength-training but has a couple of years under their belt (everyone hits PRs in the first 6-12 months of doing CrossFit; after that the progress usually slows a bit). Whatever you're doing is working, Mike. Keep it up!
Rest Day Reading

"Yes, the average CrossFitter can get a good workout/sweat session from random programming and will see some decent results, but they will get an even better workout and superior results from structured programming, which is why it’s so important to understand that random is not the same as constantly varied." - Constantly Varied vs. Random: Do You Know the Difference? by Taryn Haggerstone

Believe it or not, there is a reason to why we program the exercises, reps, weights, workouts that we do at Sanctify. "Random" is fun and exciting for the first 3-6ish months of one's CrossFit experience, but eventually the progress starts to slow if there isn't a logical progression to what is being programmed. We know that at during certain cycles or phases what we program can get a little monotonous or boring, but as long as the PR board keeps getting filled each month, something must be working.