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Tuesday 150210

Thanks everyone who came out on Friday night and wished Mary farewell. We wish you the best in the future, Mary, and know that you're always welcome back here.

In 15 minutes complete as many sets as possible. Only progress to sets 2 and 3 if you can MASTER the skills in the previous set. That means you may to repeat set 1 for the entire time, you may get to set 2 and repeat it, or you may get to set 3 and repeat it. The goal here is QUALITY, not quantity. Coaches will explain drills/skills, common faults, and the purpose at the beginning.

Set 1
Scap pull-up to hollow hold for 10 seconds
Handstand hold, feet on box w/5-10 shoulder shrugs
Wall sit pelvic tilt drill, 5 reps each way

Set 2 (if able to do set 1 to perfection)
Hollow/arch holds on pull-up bar, 3 reps w/3 sec hold in each position
Walk walk to handstand hold w/hollow position for 20 seconds

Lying on floor, pelvic tilt drill, hips and knees at 90 degrees, 5 second hold in each position, 3 reps

Set 3 (if able to do set 2 to perfection)
On pull-up bar: hollow to arch to pull-up to hollow to arch to CTB pull-up
Wall-facing HS hold in hollow to weight shift>shoulder touch>hip touch, 5 reps
Arch/hollow rocks, 6-10 reps each


In 15min, complete the following:
100 DU's, (scale with 300 SU)
60 American Swings, 24/16kg
50 AbMat Sit ups
40 T2B (scale with lying leg raises)
30 Lunges w/KB, 24/16kg
AMRAP HSPU (scale with Wall Walks)

Record reps completed on board.


A. 1 push press + 1 jerk dip + 2 split jerks; 5 sets, build to AHAP, DEMO, rest 2-3mins
3 rounds for time
10 T2B

rest 5mins

3 rounds for time

10 thrusters, 95/65
10 burpees

rest 5mins

5mins AMRAP

1 deadlift, 275/185
1 muscle-up
increase by 1 rep every round

- record heaviest load on complex, times and rounds/reps for couplets
- J-Earley: 245, 2:27, 2:34, rnd of 4 + 5 DL + 4 MU