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Wednesday 150211

"Silly boy, you call those biceps?"

A. C&J: 8min to build to a max for the day.
B. Every 25 seconds for 10 sets: 3 TnG C&J @70% of A, rest 3 min b/w set 5 and 6
C. EMOM x6: 10 box jumps

Notes: Similar to the capacity work on Monday's press and BS, you'll do similar for the C&J today. 8 minutes may not be enough time to build to your true max so just get as heavy as you can with excellent technique. Then you'll do 3 TnG reps (power clean & jerk allowed/encouraged) every 25 seconds for 10 sets, with a longer rest at the half-way point.

Use the box jump EMOM to practice different ways/techniques of getting up and down off the box. Jump up/step down, step up/jump down, step up/step down, will likely be the most common. Determine for yourself which method is the fastest but also which one taxes you the least if you had to do a lot of these. This is practice time.

4 RFT:
10 FS, 115/75 or 95/65
8 S-OH, 115/75 or 95/65
6 Pull-ups

Notes: 10 minute cut-off. "Open" pace. Post times on board.


For time:
Row 30cals
30 hang PC, 135/95
30 wall balls, 20/14lb to 10′ target
50 DU
20 wall balls, 20/14lb to 10′ target
50 DU
10 wall balls, 20/14lb to 10′ target
30 hang PC, 135/95
Row 30cals

- warm-up all movements thoroughly before starting
- treat it like a tester, pace appropriately, push hard where you can, and go for best time possible
- record time on board
- J-Earley: 11:43